What Our Fans Say


“If you love to dance, you’ll love this band.” 
“If your event needs a band that plays something for people age 18  to 80, this is the band.  My teenagers danced all evening.  So did my  grandma – they even played a waltz for her.  Wow.” 
“They even learned a song that I asked them to play specifically for my wedding.  Who does that anymore?  Loved this band!!! 
“If you are getting married and are having a reception, HIRE THESE  GUYS!  Everyone had a fantastic time and danced all night.  Thank you  thank you thank you!” 
“The best band we’ve ever had, hands down.  Not only are they awesome musicians, but they’re pretty darn funny too.” 
“Most bands drink us blind.  These guys drank soda and water all  night.  They said ‘We wouldn’t drink at a day job.  Why would we drink  when we are working for you?’  And they still kicked ***.  Who are these  guys?  Loved them and we will definitely have them back.” 
“The fiddle player was incredible.  I’ve never heard anyone play like that.” 
“These guys have so much fun up there.  It’s clear they enjoy what  they do.  They even let some friends of mine from out-of-state come up  and sing with them.  Made their whole trip!  Thank you!” 
“Thank you SO MUCH for letting my daughter sing with you guys.  She  floated on air all the way home…couldn’t stop talking about it.” 
“They play all this country then all the sudden in the middle of a  song they slip in snips of rock songs from the 80’s.  Awesome!” 
“People were requesting songs and they were able to play a bunch of them. Pretty impressed.” 
“I’ve already got people asking me when I’m going to have them back.” 
“Sometimes the singing sounds just like the actual song.  I’d definitely come see these guys again.” 
“When the band got up to play my parents were getting ready to  leave.  2 hours later they were still there & really enjoying  themselves.  It made my night too to see them having fun.  Great band.   Thank you.” 
“I’m from Austin,Texas and didn’t think I’d hear a whole lot in  Montana that could rival the talent there.  Blown away.  Nice job guys.” 
You guys rocked it for the Lewis b-day party at Cowboy Troys last  night! Super talented, each of you, and loved that fiddle😉. You made it  a fabulous True-Montana evening! 

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